What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is more than just being ‘happy’ or living the ‘good life’.  It is the sense of feeling physically and emotionally well – to feel that we are fulfilling our potential and that our lives are meaningful and worthwhile.

Our sense of wellbeing may be affcted by manny different things such nas:

  • Our physical health
  • The place we live
  • Whether we have a job we like
  • Good relationships with other people

You may not have much control over some of these things but there are some changes you can make to improve your sense of wellbeing.  sometimes small and simple lifestyle choices can make a difference to the way you feel.

A Choice appointment.

Your GP may suggest you arrange and attend a Choice appointment with the Changing Minds Wellbeing Team. This appointment is your chance to discuss and explore your mental health and wellbeing with an experienced practitioner and will be held at your GP practice.

We have a member of the changing Minds Wellbeing team, Karen Leckie in on a Thursday and Friday morning for appointments.